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טליה ברגר ספיבק בעלת סטודיו TALIADESIGN


My name is Talia Berger Spivak and I own

"Talia Design" graphic design studio.


My studio provides design and branding services for businesses, companies and organizations (B2B). I produce custom made graphic languages, print design and digital design.


Among my works one can find logos, brochures, catalogs, ads and advertising campaigns, design for social media, landing pages, websites (on WIX platform), packaging design, book cover design as well as advertising products, promotion graphics and more.


What do the studio clients gain working with me?

I accompany my clients along and after the design process, and give each and one of them a VIP treatment.

I have over 25 years of graphic design experience, with large, medium and small-size businesses and independent business owners.


My clients come from various fields and industries, among others lifestyle, Jewelry, fashion, cosmetic, food and restaurant, arts and music, and more. I bring with me international experience working on various 
New York brands.


My design is creative yet precise, and provides customized  tailored-made solutions to the client's needs and purposes, a design that not only looks great but also helps to sell well, because the design transmits ones image and values ​​and conveys the messages accurately, attracting target customers.

I graduated from Vital - Center for Design Studies, Tel Aviv and hold a Master of Arts degree in Visual Communication Design From Pratt Institute in New York, and have extensive experience teaching, guiding and supporting graphic design students.


I would be happy to help you create the exact graphic image for you that will help you attract your next customers.

Enjoy My Portfolio.


Talia Berger Spivak


Print Design

Packaging Design

Logo Design

Facebook Posts Design

Talia Berger Spivak

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