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Chulchan Restaurant

a chef restaurant in the heart of Tel-Aviv Rothschild’s Boulevard‭.‬


A clean‭, ‬simple and modern design is prominent in an intimate space that includes an open and visible to the public kitchen‭, ‬wooden furniture‭, ‬white and light green wall ceramic‭, ‬wood and marble tables and numerous large‭  ‬windows‭.‬


The graphic branding incorporates itself into this space in a minimalistic way‭, ‬rendering all the elements into one homogeneous‭ ‬unit‭, ‬conveying elegance‭, ‬but also integrating naturally with the urban‭, ‬young‭, ‬Tel-Aviv character of the boulevard the restaurant is located in‭.‬


On the logo‭, ‬the hebrew‭ ‬“chet”‭ ‬character in the word‭ ‬“Shulchan”‭ (‬table‭) ‬is also a visual expression of a table‭. ‬Sometimes the‭ ‬“chet”‭ ‬alone plays the lead role‭, ‬and sometimes the whole word does‭.‬


The logo or the‭ ‬“chet”‭ ‬appears in green‭, ‬black and/or white on the windows‭, ‬the business cards‭, ‬the coasters‭, ‬on the menu heading‭, ‬the napkins and the‭ ‬bread lining paper‭.‬