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  • Talia Berger spivak

Thoughts on Business Cards, "Leave Behinds" and Self Promotion Pieces

Business cards are one of the first design projects given to graphic design students‭, ‬as these are a perfect platform for creating compositions and exploring the interaction between typography and visual imagery‭.‬

Although we live in an era in which we can add all of a contact’s information to our smartphones and can communicate with anyone‭, ‬anywhere in the world‭, ‬all at the touch of a finger‭, ‬I recently learned that traditional‭, ‬paper-made business cards are still used for quick and easy transfer of contact information‭, ‬and still have not only importance‭, ‬but power as well‭.‬

For the first time in my twenty plus-year career‭, ‬I decided a few months ago to participate in a networking event for small businesses‭, ‬with participants from a wide range of industries‭. ‬All that the participants were asked to bring with them was their business‭ ‬cards‭.‬

As a visual communicator that makes an effort always to remember to have with me business cards ready to be handed out‭ (‬and l usually feel great about them‭), ‬I believed I needed more than them this time around‭.‬

I imagined putting some of my business cards on a table‭, ‬along with thirty other individuals‭. ‬In a short time‭, ‬the table would be a sea of cards‭, ‬and chances are some people would completely miss mine‭. ‬I had to find a way to give my cards some added value‭ ‬and make them stand out‭, ‬so they attract attention and make people curious enough to reach for one‭.‬

I decided to make a‭ "‬leave behind‭", ‬a self-promotion piece that will not only lead people to take one‭, ‬but will make them want to keep it and hopefully remember the graphic designer they met at the networking event‭.‬

There were three parameters that I felt where important for me‭, ‬and I believe are important for every designer who wants to create a self-promotion‭ "‬leave behind‭":‬

1‭. ‬It has to look consistent with the graphic language of your brand‭. ‬In my case‭, ‬I used the same color scheme‭, ‬same typography‭, ‬same clean lines and simplicity and same personal touch and overall feel as in my website‭, ‬my Facebook page‭, ‬my‭ ‬business cards and all of my design work‭.‬

2‭. ‬It has to be in a comfortable format for people to keep and not throw away‭: ‬not too big that will make them have to look for‭ ‬a place to put it‭, ‬and not too small so it can get lost‭.‬

3‭. ‬It has to represent you‭, ‬your skills‭, ‬capabilities and experience‭.‬

Since I did not want to separate between my business cards and the‭ "‬leave behinds‭", ‬I decided to make a folding piece‭, ‬that when‭ ‬folded‭, ‬has the dimensions of a business card‭, ‬but when opened it surprises‭, ‬is interesting and impressive enough‭.‬

I made a double-sided four flap printed piece‭:‬

The front had to attract attention and say something about me‭, ‬so using only typography‭, ‬I wrote in Hebrew‭: "‬THIS IS ME‭, ‬AND THIS IS WHAT I LOVE AND KNOW HOW TO DO‭".‬

The back had to have all my contact details‭, ‬including a QR code for smartphone scanning‭, ‬and enable entry to my website‭.‬

In the remaining six flaps I had to best showcase my work’s range and variety‭.‬

I printed the pieces at home‭, ‬cut and folded them‭, ‬and included my business card‭. ‬I inserted them into size-matching cellophane‭ ‬bags‭, ‬and this immediately gave them the look and feel of a small gift‭.‬

I admit I was pleased with the result‭. ‬I was happy to get great feedback and many compliments from my fellow event participants‭.‬‭ ‬It made people remember‭ ‬“the graphic designer from the meeting with the cool‭ "‬leave behind‭", ‬but most importantly‭, ‬it opened for me new business opportunities‭.

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