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PharmaShot - Concentrated Shots Packages

PharmaShot Professional Laboratories are experts in formulating liquid nutrition in concentrated shots.

Four categories of products were designed. The 60 ml (2oz) bottles of all natural ingredients and for each product a six-pack.

The PharmaShot Beauty series contains 3 products: Anti Aging beauty boost to keep the skin young and healthy. Hair Beauty Boost to nutritionally replenish the hair and Nails Beauty Boost for stronger and healthier nails.

Each bottle was designed with a color scheme and a graphic icon that conveys the product's purpose.

The PharmaShot Complex series shots restore the balance and vitality of a healthy lifestyle and contains the following products: The Sleep Complex, Relax Complex, Brain Boost Complex, Flu Resist & Recovery Complex, Block Appetitte & Fat Burner Complex, Anti Migraine Complex and Allergy Defense Complex.

The Extreme Feel series shots is the Extreme Feel Happy Shot for young, vital and active people who want a boost of happiness and energy.

The fourth category, the Sex Angel series shots, for him and her, are made to provide a better, powerful and unforgettable sex experience.


Pack Shot Photography: Omri Meron