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From Genesis to a New Genesis - Design and layout of an Autobiography book

"From Genesis to a New Genesis“- fragments of memories, is an autobiography by Joseph Polatsek, who was a Holocaust survivor from Auschwitz. The book tells the story of the author's life, from his childhood in Satmar, the expulsion, his captivity in Auschwitz, his release, his “Aliyyah” to Israel in an immigrants' ship, his detention in Atlit, and finally his new and free life in Israel, as an architect and family man.

The book was published by Joseph’s children, in memory of Joseph, and of his parents and two brothers who perished in the Holocaust.

When asked to design the book’s cover, it was mentioned to me that, since the book deals not only with the description of the author’s hardship during the Holocaust, but also with survival and the victory of life - which represent also the story of the Jewish people in the twentieth century - the design “shouldn’t be dark, necessarily”. For this reason, I have chosen to design a white, bright, clean and light cover, intertwined by a rusty barbed wire, and from the the spiky wire that represents an end, despair, suffering, hopelessness and the inability to escape, a new green leaf sprouts - a symbol of growth, freedom, prosperity and a new life.

The book incorporates original and authentic photographs taken by different people in Joseph’s life.