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La Descendencia - Book Cover Design

Book Jacket design of “La Descendencia”, by Jack Michonik.

The year is 1926, in the midst of a period in which thousands of Jewish families escape poverty and anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe, and make their way by ship to the shores of the magical continent of South America.

The book recounts the experiences of the refugees, first during their youth at the shtetl, through the hardships suffered during their long journey to America, their first steps in the new world, the complex process of adaptation to the unfamiliar environment, culture and language, to the birth of a new business and the creation of a new Jewish community in a Christian South American town.

The image designed for the book cover is of a young European man with broad shoulders, whose whole life lies before him, carrying his few belongings as he steps off the ship, against the background of a welcoming South American street of those days.

On the back cover - luggage; a symbol of migration, transition and adaptation to a new place, and of some property that passes from generation to generation.

The author Jack Michonik, an industrialist and businessman, was born in Geneva, Switzerland, to parents of Russian origin. Holds a degree in economics studies.

Lived in Cali, Colombia from 1958 until he moved to Israel with his wife and two children in 1978. Resides in Tel Aviv.