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Kababa Restaurant

"Kababa" - A Tel-Aviv kebab house with an innovative fast-food restaurant concept.

The restaurant's large space design features light colors, cleanliness and great aesthetics. In this white space, the walls have been designed utilizing large atmosphere-creating images of fresh, inviting food.

The logo, who's Hebrew typeface was exclusively designed for Kababa, corresponds to an English typeface (Eggcellent) I designed a few years ago, and incorporates white with red and black colors.

These three colors, in various degrees, are implemented in the elements that constitute Kababa's brand language: the cups, the napkins, the packing paper, the "Laffa" bags, the placemats, the take-away bags, the staff's uniforms (caps, shirts and aprons), etc.

The branding is implemented in all the elements that create the experience of the customer coming in for a meal or a take-away, from the signage at the front of the restaurant, through the windows, the counter and unto the smallest elements, going into the tiniest of detail.