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J&S Wedding Invitation

Wedding party invitation design for a same-sex couple from Germany, to be held in Berlin.

The selected wedding venue is the Schoenbrunn Restaurant, located in the midst of a magical green park in the Friedrichshain area of Berlin, formerly part of East Germany, that is now considered a fashionable area, teeming with restaurants, clubs, bars and cafes.

The couple requested a “different”, non-conventional invitation, befitting a non conventional couple, foregoing the use of traditional images of rings, suits, flowers and hearts.

The invitation depicts the contrast between Berlin, a modern, urban city, and the party's location in the heart of a green park with a swan lake in its center.

The invitation's background was designed to depict rough concrete, as a symbol of a modern city, but also as a reference to the Berlin Wall that used to be there in the past.  The concrete is not gray, but painted a light pistachio green, connecting it to nature.

The typography was treated in a retro style.

The invitation as a whole conveys cleanliness and a modern elegance, with a retrospective feel.