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Anat's Pantry

“Hamezaveh Shel Anat” (Anat’s Pantry) is a home-style, high quality catering business that adapts itself to any event and budget.

I was asked by Anat and Dan, the catering business’ owners, to design a logo with an artistic element.

The logo includes a color-pencil drawing of an artichoke, a vegetable that is considered a delicacy and resembles a special flower with many leaves.

The drawing was scanned and lightly edited. The name was added in a handwriting font, to highlight the personal service that the business’ owners seek to give their clients, as well as the slogan - “Creative Catering”.

The deep colorfulness of the greens, violets and a touch of burgundy gives an elegant, warm and inviting character to the logo of a business that creative cooking and food are its essence.