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GOODIES - Gift Packages / Chocolate Packages

"Goodies gifts”, a well established company that imports, manufactures and markets products for companies and organizations' gift packages, mainly chocolates and various food products.

For Rosh Hashanah 2015, various gift packages were designed for a group of products, as well as for specific chocolate products. A catalogue of gift packages was also designed.

Goodies company provides gift packages in a variety of prices. For this purpose three packages of different sizes were designed. The first one is a large products "suitcase" in black, white and gold. The second is a medium-sized box with a plastic handle with a metallic blue-green color combined with brown, and the third one is a smaller box, its handles are part of the package in black and light blue combination. Selective lacquer finishes and the use of golden foil add to the elegant and prestigious look.
In addition, a series of four Dragée products (various nuts and raisins covered in dark or milk chocolate) was designed. Each package has a leading and saturated color which strikingly contrasts with the black of the packaging, and on every package there is an image of the product (for illustration purposes only).In addition, an elegant black colored box of pralines was designed, with a close-up of pralines.