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Coffee Time

"Coffee Time" company specializes in servicing the food industry, and especially the coffee market.

One of Coffee Time locations, besides being a coffee shop it is also an Internet Cafe and convenience store in one.

The coffee shop's branding included among others, the design of the cafe's inner walls, the display counters, a wall mounted menu and the paper menu.

The design of the walls, which was used also on the paper menu and other elements, is characterized by dynamic, young looking and modern compositions. The design combines black and white ambiance photographs of young people with graphic elements.

These elements, which are inspired by coffee beans, underwent cropping, transformations and changes in dimension and direction. The design also incorporates typographic elements, linear drawings of coffee cups and the slogan "Take Your Coffee Time".

The design color scheme integrates harmoniously with the color of the furniture, the surfaces and the floor. It also brings together the brown color of coffee (and it's lighter shades of beige and cream), gray, and a surprising touch of red that create interest and contrast.

Walls Print Production: "Hamefik"